Mane Tamer Purple Metallic Set

Mane Tamer Purple Metallic Set


Effortlessly detangle hair with the Head Jog 111 Mane Tamer Set, a duo that includes a full-sized and travel-sized version of the Mane Tamer brush. With an innovative design that is suitable for all hair types, the ergonomic hair brush fits perfectly in the hand for ultimate control, allowing you to tame unruly styles with ease.

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Featuring unique, smooth bristles that glide through wet or dry hair, the brush massages and stimulates the scalp, whilst banishing knots without snagging or pulling to minimise breakage and damage. Can be used on hair extensions. Achieve calm, manageable locks. E.N.

The Set Contains:
Head Jog 111 Mane Tamer - Full Size
Head Jog 111 Mane Tamer - Travel Size